Nettihattu – Our story


Do you have a dream, but lack the courage to make it come true? I had to gather courage to make my own dream come true for years until in 2007, I dared to take the first step. I set up the trade name SP-tuote and started to manufacture tricot shirts and fleece hats in our storage room at home. At that time, my products were sold forward by resellers.

We started off with the beanies in 2009 and still sold them via resellers. I looked for courage for two years to take the next step. Finally in 2011, I set up the Nettihattu webshop that sells tricot beanies, head bands and tube scarfs sown in Finland.

My courage was rewarded and opening the web shop helped me to reach my next goal. In 2013, I set up Finsew Oy with my dear husband to continue the operation SP-tuote had started. Nowadays, we concentrate on managing the Nettihattu webshop and our resellers.

My dream has come true; being a mom of 4 kids I can work on my family’s terms along with my husband. Because of his support, my dream of my own company came alive. Today we share a vision of the direction where we want to develop our business. Together we have also dared to take the first steps towards our vision.

You, our dear customer, have made my dream come true on your behalf. As a thank you, I want to serve you even better in the future. I want to encourage you with my story to go for your dreams.

Welcome to Nettihattu webshop!